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Just a Misunderstanding

April 6, 2010

Instead of showering pregnant women with gifts for their expected children, U.S. special forces thought it would be okay to shower them with bullets. A story from the Times of London reports that U.S. special forces tried to cover-up the killings of three Afghan women, two who were pregnant and a teenage girl.

“The family had more than 25 guests on the night of the attack, as well as three musicians, to celebrate the naming of a newborn child.” I can see the provocation for the attack when you have “reliable information in search of a Taleban insurgent.”

In an interview with Democracy Now, Jerome Starkey, the correspondent who broke the story, said the Pentagon called it a “cultural misunderstanding.” Somehow, I don’t think that will assuage the victims’ families or the child who lost his mother in this “cultural misunderstanding.”

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